Jenkem Vol. 2
Jenkem Vol. 2
Jenkem Vol. 2
Jenkem Vol. 2

Jenkem Vol. 2

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Vol. 2 is packed with 100% all new stories from big-name contributors, artsy fartsy layouts, and even a picture of Jaws’ dick. This is classic literature – no rehashed web content here! With help from our friends at Cons, we’ve got 300+ pages for you to flip through once and never read again. But enough sales pitching, just check out the lineup of heavy-hitters below and decide for yourself if there’s room for a large brick of paper in your life…


Pontus Alv
Brian Anderson
Al Davis
Josh Stewart
Dave Carnie
Chris Nieratko
Jonathan Mehring
Eli Morgan Gesner
Lance Dawes
and more!


Kevin Rodrigues
Kenny Anderson
Nora Vasconcellos
Andrew Allen
Brad Cromer
Dustin Dollin
Steve Olson
Paul Rodriguez
Rodney Mullen